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Elektronik Entwicklung


With a structured and methodological procedure, we accompany you from your initial idea for a product through to volume production. Our development engineers invest all their energies into devising innovative, market-compliant solutions that are tailored to suit your requirements.


At Styromat AG, our primary focus with projects is on structured and methodological project procedures. Before we get to work on devising such a solution, we work jointly to define the desired scope of services for a given project, and we collate your needs in the form of a defined set of requirements. We also put together a project schedule individually tailored to reflect the context of a project, and we work with you to define the review and approval gates. This procedure can follow our tried-and-tested stage-gate development process or can embody a responsive approach.

We can leverage more than 35 years  of experience in development work, and we are able to provide you with made-to-measure solutions. This includes designing and creating complex circuits, and the design of elaborate multilayer printed circuit boards (PCB). It is as self-evident for us to incorporate our extensive knowledge of functional and technological possibilities in accordance with proven design and EMC principles as it is for us to conduct precise testing and selection of components to ensure that they are the best available at the time, and that their long-term availability is assured.

Furthermore, we are also always pleased to help you in cases where you are not yet entirely certain of the possible configuration and architecture of an electronic component. If you so wish, we can advise you in a preliminary project on possible approaches to a modular solution with the associated pros and cons, ensuring that you do not miss any opportunities further down the line.

Due to the fact that we have our own in-house electronics production facility, you benefit right from the development stage from our ability to clarify production-specific issues. We focus on Design for Manufacturing (DfM) as well as on Design for Cost (DfC). The components are evaluated in such a way that the best possible prices can be achieved for your desired volumes.

In the context of system solutions, the electronics only constitute one building block. Complex and highly integrated mechatronic systems have many interfaces between mechanical, electromechanical, electronic and software components, all of which need to be matched carefully to one another. Thanks to the various different specialists who work in our Development department, we are in a position to tackle all of these topics under one roof.


Step 1

Project launch

Checking the project framework

On a joint basis, the framework for the desired development service is defined and points of contact are nominated.


Defining requirements and project

We note down your needs, from the functionality of the solution to the business and economic requirements. You then receive a carefully tailored quotation.

Step 2

Step 3

Concept stage

Devising a concept

Based on your requirements, we devise a concept that describes the functional aspects of the solution and provides supporting evidence while also making initial statements about feasibility, cost-effectiveness and risks.



Professional implementation of your solution

In this phase, we implement the outcome in your hardware and software, supported by a full set of the requisite production documents. This development step employs state-of-the-art tools for the mechanical, electronic and software components.
After this, we typically use prototypes to check functional aspects.

Step 4

Step 5

Testing and industrialization

Preparing for series production

The developed solution needs to be tested thoroughly, taking due account of your planned quantities, to prepare it for volume production. On a joint basis with you, we define the supply chain and the required test process.

Conclusion of project

Series production and aftercare

After the launch of volume production, we support you on an as-needed basis throughout the entire product life cycle and ensure that any cancellations of components and component bottlenecks do not lead to problems.

Step 6

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