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Elektronik Industrialisierung


Straightforward and efficient from development through to volume production. We are right there beside you, enabling us to demonstrate production-related ways to improve the final outcome.


With Styromat AG, you have a dependable partner by your side, also in relation to industrialisation.

Optimisation of manufacturing documentation

Having the right PCB design is the first essential element in creating an electronic component that can be produced efficiently and at optimum cost (DfM). There is no value in having the lowest-cost components if you have very long delivery lead times or if they are resource-intensive and costly to process at the manufacturing stage. As part of the industrialisation projects, we check your manufacturing documents and help you to improve these to the point where we can supply the quantities you need efficiently and promptly. Your scope of services can include the following activities:

  • Processing and digitalisation of your manufacturing documents (parts lists, Gerber data and drill data, etc.)

  • Checking and optimisation of the PCB design for volume production

  • Evaluation of second-source components to ensure long-term availability and acceptable delivery lead times

  • Revision of placement for cost-optimised manufacture

Rapid prototype production

Our flexible in-house manufacturing facilities enable us to produce functional samples, prototypes and pre-production runs very rapidly. Especially in projects where responsiveness is essential, the rapid availability of functional samples and prototypes can contribute substantially to the success of a project. We can deliver the following services to you:

  • Manufacture of functional samples, prototypes and pre-production runs

  • Implementation of modifications to prototypes and pre-production models

Testing and approval

Prior to any market launch, in-depth testing is essential and critical. The approval processes involved cannot be underestimated either. We can assist you in the following ways with these topics:


  • Conducting of tests (including the development of the required test environment)

  • Accompanying of approval tests

  • Definition of test processes and the development of the required test tools

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